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An Overview of Our Practice

We offer comprehensive counsel to individuals and businesses in matters related to:

  • Real Estate - We handle residential and commercial real estate transactions, from the negotiation of terms to the closing. We also protect the rights of parties in real estate litigation.
    • Foreclosures, Loan Modifications, Short Sales - We represent client with properties that are "upside down" or "underwater." Whether a homeowner has a hardship or simply wants to avoid a bad real estate loan by going through a "strategic foreclosure" we can help you through the process and connect you with qualified sales agents in your area. In fact, when we counsel clients through a short sale of their homes, the lender often covers the attorney fees charged by our office which are included on the HUD1 statement. We also assist clients who wish to stay in their homes by assisting them through the loan modification process. In some instances a "deed in lieu" of foreclosure is appropriate. When all else fails, we file a civil action including obtaining a temporary restraining order and/or permanent injunction as a means to prevent the lenders from foreclosing on our client's properties.
  • Business Law - We counsel our clients on the choice of entity and assist in the formation, operation and housekeeping matters for Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Corporations (C-Corps and S-Corps). We also represent businesses as plaintiffs or defendants in business controversies and construction disputes.
  • Personal Injury and Tort Claims - We handle a wide range of injury claims, including motor vehicle accidents, dog bites and slip and falls as well as other tort claims including assault and battery and defamation

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